Month of prayer for SDS

Month of prayer for SDS

Our Founder Fr Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan called us to be “men of prayer” in order to carry out our Salvatorian Mission. To fulfil that call we pray in our communities and individually for the intentions of the whole Church as well as for particular local needs of those people entrusted to our care. As much as we strive to be “men of prayer” we ourselves need prayer support. In this Salvatorian Month of Prayer project we want to pray for our Salvatorian needs, communities and ministries and we also ask here others to pray for us. Let this dedicated Month of Prayer that you kindly undertake bring reward and God’s blessing and graces upon you and on our Salvatorian Ministry so that “all may know the only true God and the one whom you have sent, Jesus Christ” Saviour of the World.

Guide to Salvatorian Month of Prayer:

  • this prayer is to be offered for 30 days (each prayer for particular day of the month);
  • each day please present intentions, silent personal prayer and concluding prayer;
  • at the end we encourage you to use one of the vocational prayers.

Thank you for your prayerful support!


SDS Prayer Month