Celebrate SDS Feasts

Celebrate SDS Feasts

Patrons of our Society

The Society is dedicated to the Divine Saviour. The Patrons of our Society are:

  • Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Saviour
  • the Apostles
  • St Michael the Archangel
  • St Joseph


Patronal Feasts of our Society

The titular feast of our Society is the Nativity of our Lord and Saviour.
The principal Marian feast is that of Mother of the Saviour (11th October).
We celebrate our foundation day on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (8th December) on which day we renew our commitment to God in the Society.
We also venerate Mary as Queen of the Apostles.
We observe the feasts of our patrons and we commemorate the feast of Blessed Mary of the Apostles (5th September) and the anniversary of our Founder’s death (8th September).